PAST SHOW - Kevin Yaun

I am very pleased to share Kevin Yaun's beautiful new work with you and have it fill our magical art gallery with light.  Being a Venice Beach native, when I saw Kevin's work I immediately felt at home in a very nostalgic and dreamlike way.  Kevin has a unique ability to capture and share the Southern California light and movement that is grounded in a true appreciation for where we live.  I love seeing my home town portrayed with such grace and I'm excited to share the experience with you. Come join us for the opening reception of Strangers & Palms.

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PAST show • December 17



Light Realm Photos by Eyoälha Baker


FOUND is a one night Pop Up Art Show, I will be showing framed prints of my latest passion:   

Light Realm Photography!   

Light Realm Photography is new technique I have been developing over the past year that incorporates: interacting with light, energy, breathing and movement.   

The show was initially inspired by nearly losing 15 years of photography work to hard drive crashes, while reflecting on FINDing myself through the same time period.

-Eyoälha Baker

Past Show - Chase Roselli

Chase Roselli's Turning In considers the internal thought process that is contemplated during one's life journey. A form of meditation that takes place on a second to second basis as we flow through our days; cascading down the canvas, shifting delicately as one moment shapes the next. As each line shifts down the canvas reacting every so slightly as the previous line above, as do we humans reacting to the previous events in our lives, forever altering the final outcomes. Beginning to understand that our past shapes our present and the ripples that create our lives are all seated from within.

The shapes that are expressed are drawn spontaneously, from memories of interactions with these spaces. Using a beveled edge to dig depth into the one-dimensional plane, these pieces playfully interfere with the viewer's field of vision. Each line is repeated methodically with slight variation as they descend into the canvas, encouraging a hypnotic plunge into the flat image. 

With each viewer's unique perception of depth, a new shape is conjured, a new journey is formed. 

Thank you and enjoy.

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past show - gino perez

Gino Perez - "Philosophy In Color"

Gino Perez is a 3rd generation Los Angeles native Mexican American.  Born on June 22, 1977. He was the first son born after 4 sisters to Henry and Stella Perez. Officially named Mariano Leo Giovanni Perez. Dubbed “Gino”  for short.

From the beginning Gino was surrounded by art. Gino’s Mother is an avid arts and crafts enthusiast. She spends her spare time designing and sewing one of a kind items as a hobby.  Gino’s father was an artist and would spend hours at an easel drawing and painting. He ultimately lost his life due to a long battle with drug addiction but never stopped drawing until his death in 2002.

Growing up in Highland Park, CA. with his four older sisters and one younger brother, Gino was  for the most part a shy child until he found a  love for skateboarding which brought him into a whole new light.  He immersed himself into perfecting his skill and at the age of 17 he began traveling the world as a professional skateboarder with such notables as Mark Gonzalez.

It was through his travels that Gino came into contact with the works of Picasso, Miro and Basquiat. Through these artists and his parents he became inspired to fulfill a new passion to express himself  through art. His creativity blossomed into fashion design, painting/drawing and writing.

Gino’s works are both timely and timeless - social commentaries that are as much a public call to arms as they are contemplative and private. His glass half full approach to the cynical is most evident in his drawings/writings which are quick witted and ponderous.

Throughout his career he has shown his pieces at various galleries in Southern California. To name a few, Axiom Gallery Main St., Santa Monica and  New Image Art Gallery. Solo installation and Art shows include: The Brewery in Downtown L.A., Frank Gehry Building on Main St., Santa Monica, Venice Heights on Abbot Kinney.

His genuine expression and everyday creative approach to life have earned him a following among local art and fashion enthusiasts. This fine collection of work is pure and true to his theory of life: “The Grey area is where we belong.” 

Gino hopes his art inspires people to be comfortable with their own story and background and be motivated to express themselves in any creative form. 

“Live for today, art for Pete’s sake.”

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