It's The Wizard School Of My Dreams!

What's that you ask?'s weekly classes with totally amazing teachers that guide and help give us the opportunity to grow, stretch, get strong and creative in our magical space!  These classes are the foundation of TYFA and what we cover and explore in them have been essential in my own journey to health and self-expression! Yippy! It makes me so happy to share them with you because, Geesh, life can be complicated and we all benefit from a supportive community, breathing, stretching, laughing at ourselves and each other and getting the good stuff while not taking ourselves too dang seriously! My own life and this wild journey of opening this business has given me an even deeper appreciation for the work that these classes offer and I'm so stoked on the incredible team of women who are teaching in my space! Each brings their unique talents as strong teachers, funny loving humans, and brave people following their dreams! Come dive deep with us and get silly too and let's build the clubhouse of our dreams!  Student discounts available and scholarships if needed, please contact me to find out more. 

Jade Wolf

Weekly Schedule






Intuitive Breathwork with Olivia Rae mondays - 7:30pm


Mondays, 7:30pm - $20 8663 Venice Blvd

Every Monday night we Get High on ourselves and our own best medicine, our Breath! Olivia takes us on a wild journey where we learn to heal ourselves using tools that have been used to help strengthen the intuitive powers of healers and teachers throughout time. 

Wow, you can come here and claim your right to be happy and healthy and bring that back out into everything you do! It seems too easy! 

Have a question? Have a problem that you want to solve? Feeling heightened stress? 

Mental or physical fatigue? Wishing you had more clarity in your relationships or your work life? 

Yes, it sounds too easy but what we are experiencing is an incredible improvement in all areas 

by taking the time to Breathe together and go deep into relaxation in a safe space surrounded by community. 

Olivia puts together a new playlist every week to get us out of our busy, noisy brains and guide us on our 

Radical Rocking transformation! Every week we end the journey with a Gong and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath!  

Breathe, relax, transform, laugh, cry, and let Olivia help guide you through a powerful journey to know yourself better!

**$20 at the door, or HERE on Eventbrite**



art party w/ rebecca holopter Thursdays - 7pm


Thursdays - 7-9pm, 

This is ridiculous...We got the super talented artist and teacher Rebecca Holopter to be our resident art teacher, 

co-creator of our Holiday Market and much much more to be revealed in the new year! 

WHA!! (I had to take a moment to jump up and down and wiggle and clap my hands and giggle a little) 

That is how stoked I am on this Radical Human, her talent and teaching skills are incredibly versatile! 

Girlfriend has the skills to teach every level of artist from absolute beginner to seasoned professional. 

Rebecca can not only guide you into more enjoyment in your making but will also probably make you laugh 

while she lays down some real deal skills to help you make art a regular practice in your life! 

We are still on the Radical Women Portrait Painting Series, so every class Rebecca builds a playful altar to the person we are studying and prepares some knowledge nuggets to inspire our own greatness by learning about these Radical Women! This Week 12/5/19 we are painting The Queen of all things, Oprah! 

To keep it loose and lovely we've decided to move the class to Thursday evenings so that if you want you can bring some wine or a cocktail or a puff while you paint and learn about the inspiring woman of the week!

This class can be a once in a while outing, a great friend night out, an awesome date night or a deep study where Rebecca helps you achieve a specific skill goal and we support your progress. It's definitely a choose your own adventure class so as I said before, all skill levels welcome!  

So relaxing and fun to make and get inspired together!  
Supplies are included but you are welcome to bring some of your favorite things to make with.

$25 pre-order on Eventbrite

$30 at the door, Cash or Venmo


Wizard Training with Fiona Emley Saturdays - 10am


Fiona Is the newest lovely addition to The TYFA Family and she's the perfect person to hold down such a sweet 

and powerful class to kick off our weekends!  

You may or may not know that I have been studying Kundalini Yoga for many years and was teaching it for a while before my calling shifted! 
I credit the practice of Kundalini yoga with being a very powerful step in transforming my life and helping me 

re-program my brain and body to recover my true happy self after suffering from very painful depression since the age of 13. 

I call Kundalini "Wizard Training" because many who study the practice intensely for many years look like wizards and become super magical! Kundalini is all about preparing the body to have the deepest and most profound meditation experiences, which totally strengthens intuition and mental clarity and you may find yourself feeling more psychic and definitely more attuned! The practice has hundreds if not thousands of different sets (kriyas) 

and meditations that can often feel so powerful that they must be magic!  

Kundalini feels like a strong and loving guardian to me and so when I opened this space I knew that I wanted to have a weekly Kundalini class here and that I needed to find the perfect teacher to hold down that space (because teaching Kundalini is powerful y'all!) That's when Fiona showed up and she is, of course, perfect! She is warm, thoughtful, and holds beautiful space while clearly loving what she's doing and following her passion to teach and be of service! She is incredibly creative and expressive and also musical! She gifts us each week with a transformative Gong Bath and also shares her deep knowledge and the deliciousness of using essential oils to strengthen and support our practice! Yumm! Saturdays at TYFA are so good now with Fiona and Kundalini!

The world needs us all to develop our senses and to feel good and strong physically and mentally! 

Viva the magical wizards! 
This class is ideal for everyone and all levels of physical ability are welcome.
$20 per wizard, witch or human
Please Bring Yoga mat, blanket, and pillow or bolster to sit on.